We are doing all that we can do at the clinic to minimise the risk of transmission of infection at the clinic premises.  We would be grateful for patients to participate in the hygiene and social distancing measures that we are taking.  These are as follows:

  1. On arrival at the clinic you will be directed to a hand sanitising area.
  2. On arrival at the clinic your temperature will be taken with a thermal imaging thermometer.  If the reading is above normal you will be requested to postpone your appointment to a later date when your temperature has normalised.
  3. To minimise virus transmission factors we request that patients only arrive at the clinic 5-10 minutes before their appointment time.  If the treatment room that they will be treated in is already prepared they will be asked to wait there rather than in the reception area.
  4. We are happy if the patients wish to bring a chaperone to their treatment, who will stay with them in the treatment room. We would prefer not to have people waiting in the reception area during the patient's treatment.
  5. For the time being we have dispensed with the towelling sheets on the treatment couches and there is just one pillow on each couch.  Between patients the room is cleaned with antiseptic cleaner, to include the treatment couch, chair arms, door handles and equipment dials.  For each patient there will be a fresh pillow case with paper sheeting over it. Users of the cloakroom will see that there are a stack of individual towels for hand drying.  After use they can be placed in the bin provided.
  6. Towards the end of your treatment session, a member of staff may seek to arrange your next appointment and also payment within the treatment room.  We accept cash and card payments, but contactless payments are preferable from an infection control point of view.
  7. You may notice that in reception there is a Perspex screen at the reception desk and that the staff may be wearing masks, gloves and visors.  These are all to minimise the risk of virus transmission.