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Deep tissue massage

This is a very hands-on treatment that we use on most patients to break down any scar tissue caused as a result of damage to muscles, ligaments or tendons. This scarring may be causing pain and abnormal tightness.


This is where a joint is moved to the extreme of it’s normal movement often accompanied with a clicking or popping noise. If we do use a manipulation on a patient it is because there is a joint stuck in an abnormal position.

The manipulation is just the beginning of a treatment ,with deep tissue massage, anti inflammatory modalities and exercises also used to help the patient back to health.


This is where a joint has become sticky and is not moving normally. Rhythmical movements of the joint, within it’s normal range, can often free it off without the need for manipulation.

Exercise programs

It is often not enough just to come to the clinic and expect to get back to full fitness without some effort on your part. We will tailor exercises to your specific needs to enhance your recovery.

Anti-inflammatory modalities

Patients generally have an active inflammation as part of their problem. After our hands-on approach, there is a possibility that the inflammation may be increased for a short time. Thus it is a necessity with each clinic visit, that we provide some soothing treatment. This may be Ultrasound (sound waves), Interferential (electrical currents), Laser (light therapy) or magnotherapy (magnetic treatment).


We sell a small range of products to assist patients with their various problems. These products include back supports and 'Painmaster'. If specific items are required we can order them in specially.