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Mark is celebrating 30 years qualified this year.

Graham thought this should be recognised - as follows:



An Ode To Mark, marking 30 years in practice


It is always such a comfort

To know the chap you see,

About your twisted ankle,

About your dodgy knee……


Has sooo much experience,

It matters oh so much

To understand that when he’s done

You’ll not hurt so much.


He’s studied your anatomy

He’s probably passed exams….

He’s soaked up loads of knowledge

He’s grown some healing hands.


So if you’ve torn your shoulder

Or maybe wrecked your back

You’ll know he’s just the very chap

To put you back on track.


Pain can be a dreadful thing

It’s really not much fun

You can’t get out for a walk

I doubt you’ll try a run.


You’ll not climb up your staircase,

Without somebody’s help,

If you try to tie your shoelaces

The pain will make you yelp.


So who will bring salvation

When your confined to your sack

When you’re lying there quite useless

And all your joints go ‘crack’.


Well let me tell you people

There’s a pal of ours who’ll try,

There’s nothing really he can’t fix

His charges aren’t too high.


He’ll make a diagnosis

He’ll ask you what you’ve been doing

To bring you to this state of woe

And make your back a ruin!!


He’ll bend and twist and prod you

He’ll maybe ask again

‘On a scale of one to ten…..

How bad is your pain?’


Then he’ll work you over

Until the pain subsides

He’ll zap you with his ultrasound

Then offer tea and biscuits besides.


There’s much to like about our Mark

But maybe I shouldn’t, oughta,

Tell you that I thought maybe….

I’d seen him walk on water.


It’s not just treatment that Mark offers,

No… there’s laughter wit and song

A man who knows his carols

Can’t be all that wrong.


He’s helped so many people,

He’s dried so many tears,

He’s fixed so many dodgy backs

Over thirty splendid years.


So congratulations on the thirty Mark

Go for forty if you can,

I know your clients all agree

You’re a very special man