The clinic is open for face to face consultations and treatments if appropriate.  Presently we are open daily Tue - Sat.    If you are wanting an appointment we would much prefer that you rang us rather than popping in. Ring the clinic on 01636 610142 or the mobile number 07975 839 227 and if we don't answer, just leave a message on the answerphone and we will get back to you.  In the meantime we trust that you keep virus - free.  
The good news is that Mark, Sandy, Anthea and Annie have all had both parts of the vaccination, and the booster,  and are now doing regular lateral flow checks to ensure that the clinic is kept as a safe enviroment.
From July 19th the clinic will continue with use of PPE.  The staff will continue to be wearing masks for the patient's safety and we respectfully ask for the patients to continue with their own mask wearing.
The tradition of a Xmas quiz continues unabaited this year - the subject is sweets and the money raised will be going to the Newark food bank. The winners are Mrs Barbara Mercer and Mrs Martin Smith who win the John Lewis voucher and bottle of bubbly respectively.  Thank you for everyone who took part and raised the worthwhile sum of £900. thank you.  Answers are below:

1/ Jewellery for small folk? (6,4)                                            Midget gems

2/ Sweetened cereal? (6,5)                                                      Barley Sugar

3/ Missiles for submarines. (8)                                               Torpedos

4/ Boffins? (8)                                                                         Smarties

5/ Dark sailors. (5,5)                                                               Black Jacks

6/ Toothless grizzly. (5,5)                                                       Gummy Bears

7/ Made to make your mouth water. (4,6)                              Opal Fruits

8/ For starters: maize and marzipan (1,3,2) or (1,1,2)            M and M’s (M n’ M’s)

9/ Nine. (5,5)                                                                           After Eight

10/ Scrooge’s favourite sweet. (6)                                          Humbug

11/ Alien transport. (6,6)                                                        Flying Saucer

12/ A nicer sort of ova (6,3)                                                   Kinder Egg

13/ Alfresco dining (6)                                                           Picnic

14/ Heard that two were falling (4,4)                                     Pear Drop

15/ No organs (4,6)                                                                 Love Hearts

16/ Small liquid undulation (6)                                               Ripple

17/ Small universe detritus (5,4)                                             Space Dust

18/ They appeared in monochrome show. (9)                        Minstrels

19/ Lloyd (5,7)                                                                        Dolly Mixture

20/ Chummy with anglers. (10,6)                                           Fishermen’s Friend

21/ Fruity kissers (6,4)                                                            Cherry Lips

22/ George Michael sounds careless. (5)                                Wispa

23/ The fifth win. (7,1)                                                           Victory V

24/ Found in pantoland. (7)                                                    Buttons

25/ Cliff Lake District setting. (5)                                          Flake

26/ A mixed up barmaid (4,3)                                                Daim Bar

27/ A superior avenue? (7,6)                                                  Quality Street

28/ US grimace? (5,4)                                                             Sugar Mice

29/ Part of one’s ‘5 a day’. (5,5)                                             Fruit Salad

30/ It’s Friday, thanks. (8)                                                      Crunchie

31/ Bracelets with radio tea (1,1,1,7)                                      A.B.C.Letters

32/ Botanic but confusedly smug. (6,4)                                  Floral Gums

33/ Eating these may ironically destroy them. (4,5)               Milk Teeth

34/ Famous for cheese, ham and flowers? (5,7)                     Parma Violets

35/ Sweets to make a detective fall. (4,5)                               Acid Drops

36/ Air, strain, carol. (5)                                                         Tunes

37/ 2 tiered coaching. (6,6)                                                     Double Decker

38/ Bent off boneo? (6,3,3)                                                     Toffee Bon Bon

39/ Royal babies. (4,9)                                                            Mint Imperials

40/ Exploding sun. (4,5)                                                         Star Burst

41/ Worth 50 on the inner board. (5,3)                                   Bulls Eye

42/ Lucifer creator (10)                                                           Matchmaker

43/ Wobbly infants (5,6)                                                         Jelly Babies

44/ Different types of bourbon with ice. (9,8)                        Liquorice Allsorts

45/ Anthea, give us a ....... (5)                                                 Twirl

46/ Girls comic about love. (6)                                               Bounty

47/ Heard to be a whole variety of mint. (4)                          Polo

48/ Need is a turning spiral. (7,5)                                           Aniseed Twist

49/ The terrier from Huddersfield. (6)                                   Yorkie

50/ Do you love anyone enough? (4)                                      Rolo