The Clinic will be functioning with a skeletan staff from 14-21 April.  Rumours that Mark is going to have his long overdue face lift!

 Meanwhile here's a little story

"It is the passion I can't cope with", said Mr Christopher Arthur who was sitting opposite me in the treatment room of the singing Physiotherapist. I raised a quizzical lip, then realised that I was not the reincarnation of Elvis and instead let my left eyebrow wander up towards my follicly challenged cranial dome in a questioning manner.  I was wondering just which scene from '50 Shades of Gray' Mr Arthur was having problems with, when he added "you know, the Stations of the Cross". I started trying to recall passionate scenes that I had been privy to at Kings Cross and Charring Cross railway stations, but Mr Arthur interrupted my musings by explaining that he was taking the leading role in the town re-enactment of Jesus carrying his cross to the site of crucifixion. He was worried about carrying the cross because of the pain he was getting in his right shoulder.
I breathed a sigh of relief. After all, I know a bit more about shoulders than train stations or unleashed passion. First of all I examined the shoulder range of movement.  I resisted the arm movements to check his muscle power and checked for proper scapulothoracic rhythm. I carried out a number of tests on him, including the Jobe relocation, the Neer impingement, the Crank, the Clunk and the French horn. Finally I palpated the AC joint, the SC joint and the medial and lateral borders of the scapula. "Mr Arthur" I said (for that was his name), "I have good and bad news".  He asked for the bad news first - so I told him that he had Rotator cuff muscle damage which would need a course of physiotherapy treatment to get it better.  He then asked what the good news was - so I told him that he could carry the cross across town as long as he used his left shoulder.
He nodded wisely as he listened to what I said, and as I broke in to a quick burst of 'Jingle Bells' he said "you know Mark" (because after all that is my name) "your singing...." "Yes?" I said, all agog, thinking that a recording contract was in the offing, "well", he continued, "we all have our personal crosses to bear!”

If you have a muscle or joint problem that is making you cross, why not ask the nice folk at Newark Physio clinic, 2 Cartergate, (01636 610142) to see if they can resurrect your smile.