Holiday time is fast approaching 

Mark will be away from the clinic  from the evening of Friday 28th june to the morning of July 9th.  There are rumours that involve plastic surgery and psychiatric treatment!

Meanwhile here's a little story:

It was a long time since I had last seen Annie, but her conversational ability hadn't decreased in the interim. She was telling me about her long awaited daughter, Phoebe, who had arrived in the past year, joining the family of 2 sons that she already had with her husband Mike. 
She was sat in the consulting room of the singing Physiotherapist, who fascinated as he was in the day to day details of Phoebe's life, was getting a little fidgety as he was wanting to hear whatever problem Annie had.  
So when the verbal diarrhoea reached a temporary lull, I quickly interspersed "Annie how can I help you?" Miracle of miracle quietness descended.  If one had a weak grip and a pin, it could have been heard dropping.  Proverbial tumbleweed drifted across the room.  Annie went bright red, and seemed uncomfortable in her seat. "Well" she said, and then there was another silence before she added "I've got this problem."  Eventually Annie told me that since Phoebe's birth, if she coughed, sneezed, giggled or ran, then she wet herself, not much but enough for it to be a problem. She said that it was happening every day and it was spoiling her enjoyment of life. She had hoped that it would improve as she recovered from giving birth but it seemed no better. Could I help her? Briefly I debated  telling her that I could help her with her bladder control, but not her blather control, but instead put my professional hat on (yes it's the one that covers the wide central parting) and considered her problem.
Stress or pelvic floor incontinence affects a surprising number of people, and although it is often associated with pregnancy, it can affect men as well as women.  Basically there is a hammock type structure within the body that supports the lower organs and aids closure of the bladder.  When this gets stretched it becomes more difficult to close the bladder and hence urine leakage occurs. The most straightforward way of dealing with this problem is not only to strengthen the pelvic hammock, but also to tighten it.  This can be done either with exercises or with surgery. I explained this to Annie and went over the exercises with her.  As she got to her feet to leave she thanked me profusely and I answered in my best Sean Connery accent, "it was nothing lass, just a wee problem."