The Xmas Quiz

The quiz has now finished and a great total of £900 has winged its way to the british Red Cross.  Thank you to every one who has participated.  We have 3 winners - Michelle Brook, Philippa Brown and P Simeoli.  Next year the theme of the quiz will be books - so watch this space.  Meanwhile if you want this years answers- see below:

Xmas quiz 2023 Answers


1/ Luck is splendid.                                                                            Kiss

2/ James’s head of MI6 looks a bit skinny                                       Boney M

3/ Harry Potter? Merlin?                                                                    Wizard

4/ Sounds like a lovely day that we should all join in with.            Sonny & Cher

5/. Strong winds and multifaceted chemical structure.                  Crystal Gayle

6/ The darkness accompanying folk.                                                The Shadows

7/ A dinosaur of a group.                                                                  T Rex

8/ Naval equivalent of Brigadiers.                                                    Commadores

9/ The clan of the first feathered gift from my true love.(9,6)        Partridge family

10/ Biblical starter.(7)                                                                         Genesis

11/ Sounds like a fast sewer.(6,5)                                                     Taylor Swift

12/ Flappy things.(5)                                                                          Wings

13/ Darker than indigo.(4,6)                                                              Deep purple

14/ Less than 5 spinning toys.(3,4,4)                                                The four tops

15/ Initially another baffling bodged anagram.(4)                          ABBA

16/ Tradesmen crafting wood.(10)                                                   Carpenters

17/ 357 off a circle.(3,1,7)                                                                  The 3 degrees

28/ The North, West and East are all ugly.(3,9,5)                            The beautiful South

29/ Nuns with extended index fingers.(3,7,7)                                  The Pointer sisters

30/ Pronoun referring generally to persons.(3,3)                            The Who

31/ Pornographic Methodist minister.(6,4)                                      Deacon blue

32/ Dark day of rest.(5,7)                                                                   Black sabbath

33/ Remove focus.(4)                                                                        Blur

34/ Moss will be left ungathered.(3,7,6)                                          The Rolling Stones

35/ XCC.(4)                                                                                         10cc

36/ fab if riles.(4,6)                                                                             Labi Siffre

37/ Fraction activated of sweet mixture.(5,6)                                  Dolly Parton

38/ Illegally supporting strikers.(3,67)                                              The flying pickets

39/ Gender arms.(3,7)                                                                        Sex pistols

40/ Will’s sibling. (12,6)                                                                     Shakespeare’s sister

41/ Just North. (3,9)                                                                           One direction

42/ Cold chimps.(6,7)                                                                        Arctic monkeys

43/ Sliced. Money.(5)                                                                         Bread

44/ 24 hours of a novice (5,3)                                                           Green day

45/ Filthy hive product (5,5)                                                              Dirty honey

46/ Flowers and muskets (4,1,5)                                                       Guns n roses

47/ Mangel. Gummidge. (3,7)                                                           The Wurzels

48/ Share need. (2,7)                                                                         Ed Sheeran

49/ Will’s sibling fashions. (5,6)                                                        Harry Styles

49/ Can a lathe operator be the answer? (4,6)                                Tina Turner

50/ Daddy was howdy (13)                                                               Showaddywaddy


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