The Quiz this year - American Cities - is doing well - so far we have raised over £715 but are hoping to do so much better than that - all proceeds are going towards Nottingham City Hospital Breast Cancer Appeal.  This year it is personal!!

Over Christamas we will be working on Saturday 22nd in the morning as per usual and then will be closed until the following Friday.  If anyone has an emergency they feel I may be able to help them with, leave a message on the mobile number 07975839227  and we will get back to you.

Here is a little tale to keep your interest until those heady Xmas times!

Richard was retired.  He had been retired a while, although what his employment had been was somewhat shrouded in mystery.  There were rumours that he had been an active member of MI5, a naturist rambler who had braved the North Atlantic passage, a medium carrying out public séances under the stage name of ‘The Great Malfuso’, a well-trussed member of the elite Royal Ballet Corps, and even an eminent professorial botanist.  However he could be seen most days wandering around the village with his loyal dog by his side. 

Today he was at the clinic of the Singing Physiotherapist, and as I, the singing physiotherapist showed him through to a consulting room, I asked him what the matter was?  I had an inkling of the problem when I sat down and he didn’t.  He told me that since he had raked the grass, 2 months ago, he had developed low back pain which was worse the longer he sat.  This was a particular problem for him, as he was just about to take on the role of Father Christmas at the village Christmas party, and that would involve a lot of sitting.  He was especially concerned regarding the effect leggy blondes might have on him whilst they were sat on his lap.

I examined Richard’s back: I looked at his passive and active movement in to flexion, extension, rotation and side flexion.  I hummed a quick burst of ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas’. I assessed tethering of his sciatic and femoral nerves and tested his babinski and patella reflexes.  By resisting the major muscle groups I was able to ascertain if there was any myotonal weakness and finally I palpated the muscles, ligaments and joints of his low back.

“Richard” I said, for after all that was his name, “you have tweaked the ligaments over your Sacro Iliac joints and that is the cause of your pain”.  I went on to explain that these joints connect the spine to the pelvis and are typically damaged with a repetitive bending and twisting movement – such as with raking.  As with any ligament damage, it can be repaired and in this case a few sessions of hands-on physiotherapy, with some anti inflammatory modalities and home exercises should sort the problem in no time. I started his treatment there and then, whilst singing ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ and he declared that I was being naughty rather than nice. Soon though, he was ready to change from an ‘Ow ow ow’ in to a ‘Ho Ho Ho’ , and I could tell him, that was all the treatment he needed  for the present.