Hi Mark,  
Thank you for a pain free year. 
I have had a full range of movement with no restrictions apart from common sense .

Just have to say ‘OH MY GOD’ I can’t believe how much better my arm and wrist feel.  All that sensitivity has virtually gone, hand movement much better, pain improved so I can do things through it.

"Great service, helped where other physios had failed.  Definitely recommend" MB

Thank you Mark Wilson, Newark Physiotherapy clinic......you are my life saver!

Thank you so much for all your help with XXXX.  We all appreciate your help in getting her knee better.

I came for a session on Saturday (which was fantastic and an eye opener)

A big thank you for sorting out an upper back problem at very short notice on Monday . Rang in the morning & managed to fit me in a cancelled appointment same day. Had not been able to sleep due to the pain, but Monday night I could sleep comfortably. It is now Wednesday & the injury is well on the way to being fully healed. Please pass on my thanks to your team. Best Regards BH


Hi mark
I was due to have an appointment at 12 today but just called your colleague on reception as I wasn't sure whether to attend or not. I feel completely fine, no dizziness whatsoever even after exercise - and I haven't had to take my tablets for a week! 
I just wanted to thank you so much for sorting out my ear / neck problem. It is absolutely amazing to not feel dizzy, I really can't thank you enough. I hope that is the end of it, but if not I will come straight back to you.
Regards, Rachel 

 Can't recommend Newark Physiotherapy-Clinic highly enough. I have golfers elbow in one arm and tennis elbow in the other. Mark Wilson has done wonders for me.  (Jane)


 I've been to one(physio) in /England that I visited a couple of times before in the last 10 years and he does a friction massage on specific knots in the muscle and bingo no more problems, he is great! And to add the great service he sings to you as well, and you get a cup of tea, and magazines to read, for a great price.I think I am going to call him "Magic Mark"!   (Nicola)

If you're looking for some S&M,
then Newark is the place.
For Mark will dig his thumbs well in,
a smile upon his face.
As cries of pain surround you,
and you think it can't get worse,
he'll sing along to 'Smooth FM'
and mangle every verse.
And if you think his rates are cheap,
then let me tell you this:
Not only do you have to pay,
you have to buy the quiz!     (Thanks Meg)

Dear Mark

Thank you once again for sorting out my left arm. I was in a lot of pain when I came to see you after breaking my elbow.  I am now pain free and it is all down to you.  I cant thank you enough.

Kind Regards

As you'll see, Newark Physiotherapy-Clinic is a place of great mirth and eccentricity. Mark will be able to sort your shoulder out in a flash and you'll be treated to his singing.

Busy and productive couple of days. Thanks to Mark WilsonNewark Physiotherapy-Clinic for keeping me in working order.

Thanks to Newark Physiotherapy-Clinic for poking me mercilessly in the back miles away from where it originally hurt such that improvement seems to be happening.
Thank you for all your help to get myself and Pete mobile again.

Thanks for all your help and guidance Mark.

Just a line to say Thank You for the treatment I have had in the past months.  This has done wonders for my walking and getting about in general.  So a big thank you.
Thank you so much for all your help making me better.  i would never have managed without you help.  Love Lyn
Dear Mark, I wanted to thank you for your treatment restoring my wrist to 'working order'.
Many thanks for the first class treatment which I had a few sessions for early in the year.  The pain has eased off lots, just twinges now and then. I hope, as the winter sets in, it remains the same.  Once again Thank You.   Bridget
Thank you very much - there is also a whole team of people that help to get us to our goals, I just hope they realise how important they are too, in particular XXXXXXXXX & Newark Physiotherapyclinic who keep XXXXX and I fit to compete.

I thoroughly enjoyed every visit (except for the pain of course) but I appreciate all you and everyone did for me, such a bunch of lovely people (even you ;)).

I just wanted to let you know that I had the most wonderful Sunday on my trolley, gardening for the first time since last October – thanks to all of your work and encouragement.

My knee replacement operation was a horrible shock but, with your help, I have got a really good bend back and have figured out a better technique for getting around when I am gardening on my trolley.


Just wanted to say how much better I have felt since manipulation on Saturday.  Many thanks